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Case study: Greatbase Apartments


This case study tells the story of how Greatbase Apartments learnt to harness their abilities and surroundings to offer a better digital experience for all their customers.

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Edinburgh Castle and skyline seen from Calton Hill


Greatbase Apartments




How a series of workshops helped bring Greatbase’s Marketing Executive up-to-date with the best digital practices.

Greatbase Apartments, an Edinburgh-based property agency for self-catering businesses, has come a long way since its inception in 2007, when the company had three apartments in its portfolio. It now impressively manages around fifty properties and their owners who welcome a wealth of visitors from around the world through their doors each year.

Calum Risbridger, Greatbase’s Marketing Executive, was not only new to the world of marketing when he joined but it was his first time living in Edinburgh too. It quickly became apparent that their guests weren’t just interested in the facilities and services on offer in the apartments but also Edinburgh as a destination. There was a clear demand for insights into the best of what the city has on offer.

So it was down to Calum to not only get his head around the many sides of Edinburgh, but he needed to effectively market it as well. His first stop was a blogging workshop which gave him a good grounding in appropriate content ideas that he could share with his guests on the Greatbase website. Calum found the workshops (run by our partners ETAG) so useful that he’s now attended over twenty since late 2014 and praised the workshop programme saying: “I always get something out of them. They always give me that extra insight I hadn’t thought about”. Google Analytics was an area that Calum was keen to master, and was able to access support on this topic with a further ETAG workshop. “Without ETAG it would have taken longer to figure out that there was a problem”, he explained.

It was clear that the support Calum got from these sessions was crucial for addressing the challenges he and Greatbase faced: “The support has made me a more confident and competent marketeer, strengthened our online presence across social media, paid advertising, and search engine optimization.” Calum’s learnings have also has a positive influence on the bottom line of the business too.

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