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What’s your social media strategy?


Some businesses can make social media look easy, but you can be sure that every share or retweet is absolutely down to a considered strategy. Getting a plan in place will really help you make the most of your social profiles, and in turn, your revenues!

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Social media for business and individual use are two very different things. While your personal accounts may be very much about sharing your own thoughts or what you’re up to at any given moment, most businesses need to take a more strategic approach to what when and why they post.

Thinking about what’s most relevant and going to get the best reaction from your fans or followers when approaching the content that you post is crucial. Asking questions like ‘who are my target audience?’ and ‘what do they want to hear about?’ will make for a good start. Understanding who your customers are and their needs is the main two tasks here… after that your strategy should begin to fall into place.

Choosing the right platforms for your business is another important factor in your strategy, and again, it relates back to your target market. Teens are most likely to be found on Instagram or Snapchat, whereas brides-to-be are often busy researching their big day on Pinterest for example. If you’re really stuck for where to start, why not have a look at some competitors and their social activity? You can usually find links to their profiles from their main website. If you’re already up and running on your chosen platforms, don’t forget that they often offer free, built-in analytic tools that will help to get a better understanding of your audience – where they’re from, their age range and when they’re online, for example.

When you’ve identified your target audience and chosen the most appropriate platforms, it then comes to taking the plunge on posting that beautifully executed photo or lovingly crafted tweet, just remember – timing is everything! Social media content has a shelf life and all your efforts could go to waste if you post when your customers aren’t looking. Perhaps their commute to work is a good time to be seen, or maybe they’re more likely to be checking their feed in the evening. It might not always be a convenient time for you, but don’t worry, there are a range of tools that will allow you to schedule posts to go out automatically at a certain time of day. Services like Tweetdeck, Buffer and Hootsuite may well be of use here and will help you plan ahead.

Scotland’s such an amazing destination but if you’re looking for some inspiration for exactly what to post, then we’d highly recommend taking a look at VisitScotland’s Spirit of Scotland campaign content calendar, which is packed with great ideas. Of course, if you prefer face-to-face learning we run a fantastic range of events that cover all things digital (including social media and more), specially curated for tourism businesses just like yours. Find all our upcoming events.

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