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Case Study: Knockderry House


Built as a Victorian summer retreat, Knockderry House has always kept an eye on the future of tourism. Find out how their digital strategy helped them comfortably exceed the expectations of their guests.

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Panoramic views of Ben Lomond and the Arrochar Alps from An Ceann Mor


Knockderry House


Argyll and Bute


This award-winning boutique hotel went from strength to strength with the help of its strong digital strategy.

Overlooking the spectacular coastal scenery of Loch Long and the Arrochar Alps, you’ll find the award-winning, 15-bedroomed Knockderry House Hotel. Owned by Murdo and Beth Macleod, the business had for many years worked with an external supplier who ‘took care’ of their website and SEO (search engine optimisation) needs. However, realising that they were operating in an ever-changing industry and had an increasingly digitally-savvy customer base this approach needed a refresh. It was time to change tactics!

Beth acknowledged that things can change quickly in the world of digital: “Digital marketing has a short shelf-life. Your needs change and you are not aware of it.” The pair’s first move was to get in touch with Business Gateway, who pointed them towards some suitable tourism support programmes. These programmes helped them realise their digital and business ambitions, review their website and training to make sure their digital strategy was fit for purpose. Their consultation also helped them reach the conclusion that they needed to outsource their search engine optimisation expertise as well.

One of the main successes that came out of this action for Beth and Murdo was that data that they’d need to support essential business reporting was now easily available to them. Understanding this data has gave them a better understanding of their position whilst also allowing them to be more responsive to changes and opportunities.

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