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Case study: Heritage Portfolio


Heritage Portfolio used workshops to help them improve their digital skillset and keep them up-to-date with the best online marketing practices.

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Scottish Gallery of Modern Art One, Edinburgh


Heritage Portfolio




Heritage took control of their digital journey and saw tangible improvements to their bottom line, thanks to a program of tourism-focussed specialist workshops.

Heritage Portfolio were founded in 2002, meaning that they’ve seen more than a few trends in digital marketing come and go. Since their beginnings Heritage have grown to offer award-winning catering and event services for such well-established venues as the Signet Library, Mansfield Traquair, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Hopetoun House. Aware that the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, they decided that to keep up with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful with an increasingly connected customer base. Aggie Jablonska, Marketing Executive, said: ”We needed to keep up-to-date with developments in digital as well as ideas and solutions, which could be implemented on a tight budget.”

One of the first things they did was to consult with our partners at ETAG, who suggested that Heritage might benefit from attending some workshops on specific digital disciplines. From attending an ETAG strategy workshop it became clear just how valuable a resource these workshops were and soon after Heritage had signed up to learn more about Pinterest, Video Content Made Easy, SEO and Google Analytics as well. They even attended on-to-one sessions for support on more in depth issues, such as Google Adwords.

Having a robust digital strategy in place really helped the business in more ways than one; they not only had a measurable guide for their online marketing but also gained a much clearer idea of who their customers actually are. They were also able to apply their newfound SEO knowledge and significantly improved their search ranking. Heritage were also able to access and interpret certain statistics too, which led them to realise how beneficial it’d be for them to increase their presence on Pinterest (which drove people to their main website and led to a direct rise in wedding bookings). On top of that, Heritage also started making more videos to help customers visualise the events and services they offer. Just using an iPad to film all of them, they managed to get a good amount of engagement from their audience without blowing their budget.

Aggie was keen to emphasise just how empowering the knowledge they’d gained from the workshops had been for the company: “We can now tell them exactly what it is that we want and are in a position to make informed decisions. The workshops and one-to-one support have given us the practical skills and confidence to do a lot of things ourselves which is important when you are working in a fast paced industry and on a budget.”

Could you benefit from some support and advice designed specifically for the tourism industry? If you’re keen to take control of your digital profile, we’d highly recommend that you get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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