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Case study: Love Loch Lomond


After winning Scottish Enterprise’s ‘Tourism Destination Development Fund’, Love Loch Lomond invested in digital to help promote the area.

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Autumn at Loch Ard in the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park


Love Loch Lomond


Loch Lomond


How Love Loch Lomond used industry funding to develop the company’s digital side, increase spending and support innovation.

Our partners at Scottish Enterprise run an annual competition to help fund ideas that grow tourism businesses, increase spending and support innovation. It’s called the Tourism Destination Development Fund, and in 2016 Love Loch Lomond (LLL) became the first ever winners thanks to their strategic vision for how they could promote the Loch Lomond region.

Keen to build on their key theme of marine tourism, LLL wanted to move away from general destination development activities and instead focus on a specific opportunity that would drive substantive impact for the region. In order to do this, they decided to focus on international visitors and explore new methods of interacting with local businesses. Digital, of course, was a big part of this plan.

One area that LLL and their partners wanted to strengthen was in-house knowledge and expertise, so part of their plan was to use this funding to attend relevant workshops and events with a focus on using digital methods to entice visitors to the area. They used the learnings from these workshops to implement a web portal that allows businesses to share in their newfound digital know-how.

Deepening the organisation’s understanding of how the rise in use of mobile technology has affected the tourism industry was another point on LLL’s agenda that helped win them the funding.

Karen Donnelly, destination manager at LLL had this to say about how the award helped them achieve their vision: “The award means that LLL can continue to grow and assist the tourism industry to raise standards and encourage growth. LLL is dedicated to working to capitalise on the area’s tourism potential and to enhance the visitor experience. This work would not be possible without the assistance of the Tourism Destination Development Fund.”

If you found this case study inspiring and recognise a similar need to develop your tourism company’s digital skillset, we can help. There are a number of events taking place across Scotland that are great to get involved in, no matter what level you’re at.

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