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Nailed the basics? Here’s some further digital marketing pointers


If you already know the basics and are up and running in terms of digital marketing for your tourism business, you might be wondering ‘what now?’. This article has a few ideas to keep you going full speed ahead.

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Getting started with good digital marketing practices is the hardest part. Once you’ve learnt how to get those basics down and have given your business the best possible chance of attracting more customers – everything else should slot into place (with a little bit of ongoing effort of course!). So if you’ve already made good headway into the world of digital here’s a few quick tips that might offer food for thought if you’re looking for further direction.

Go trend-spotting.

This fantastic webinar from 2014 is still greatly relevant in terms of understanding and identifying what digital trends are likely to come and go, and which ones are here to stay.

Refresh your website.

Does your website need a bit of an update in terms of look and feel? Web design is always evolving and can often seem a bit bewildering to the uninitiated, however a good grounding in the best practices of web design should give you a good idea of what’s possible. This guide is fantastic for helping understand how to approach the task.

Grow your customer base.

Never a task to be taken lightly, but there’s certain digital technologies out there that can really help. Our friends over at Business Gateway have a great guide on how to achieve this.

Get talking on social media.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on how to keep the conversation going on social media, VisitScotland has a whole toolkit full of ideas for you.

If you’ve already covered all these things (well done!) and are looking to find even more in depth info on how to make digital work for your business, why not have a look at our event schedule to see if there’s any of our workshops, one-to-one surgeries or lectures that are relevant to you?

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Did you find this article helpful?

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