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Lessons from the 2015 DTS Digital Tourism Conference


Our 2015 conference brought together some of the Scottish tourism industry’s leading thinkers to share and discuss their ideas on ‘digital readiness’ and what businesses need to do to make sure they’re best positioned when marketing themselves online.

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Seilebost, Luskentyre Sands, Isle of Harris

Danny Cusick from Scottish Enterprise opened the conference with a few words on the importance of creating your digital strategy, the rise of ‘mobile’ and how to avoid feeling ‘left behind’ in this fast-paced world.

Vicki Miller, Head of Customer Experience at VisitScotland, shared some fascinating insights on how to gather and analyse data and use that information to drive customers to your website. Vicki also explored how to create the right kind of content for your audience when they’re using your site.

Next up was Mark Hunter from Postable who has a wealth of experience in mobile and just how crucial a consideration it is for anyone looking to effectively market their business online. Mark covers social media and his thoughts on data collecting too.

Here’s Chris Chambers from Tourism and Events Queensland, who shared how TEQ are using beacon technology to connect the right people to the right destination at the right time.

As you’re no doubt well aware, Scottish tourism can be a very seasonal affair for a lot of businesses. Kevin Bain from the R&A detailed his insights on how to keep an event alive throughout the year.

CalMac, East Cambusmoon Holiday Cottages, Neatebox and Edinburgh Fringe share the stage to show you examples of how they’re keeping visitors interested in what they do and the services they offer.

Last but very much not least was Thomas Høyrup Christensen of Wonderful Copenhagen who run a truly innovative Destination Management Organisation that’s truly consumer-led.

For some more cutting-edge discussion on the way forward for Scottish tourism in digital marketing – why not book in to one of our events? They’re not only great for sharing ideas and insight but there’s plenty of interesting people to meet too!

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