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The Importance of Digital Business Reviews


Find out where to find business reviews online, how to respond, and how best to manage this process for your tourism company.

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With social media and review websites, it’s easy for customers to post feedback on the experience they enjoyed at your tourism business. Read on to find out why it’s important to keep track of this visitor feedback, and how you can easily respond and make use of the comments you receive.

6 reasons digital business review feedback is important

  • It quickly gives you information on where you’re succeeding and where you can improve.
  • Potential customers may read reviews online before deciding whether to book with your business.
  • The more positive conversation online about your business, the more customers you are likely to attract.
  • Engaging with feedback builds trust and loyalty with customers and encourages repeat business.
  • Businesses with good reviews can be weighted higher in search engine rankings. (Brand is considered when your website is ranked.)
  • Reviews give you an idea of what customer expectations are of your business, so you can meet and exceed them in future.

Where can I find digital business reviews?

  • If a customer wants to give real-time feedback as they experience something, an image, comment or review is usually posted on social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter. Social monitoring tools will help keep on top of all of your channels at once.
  • Online business reviews are often posted on review websites once the trip is completed. Some websites aggregate review comments from multiple websites so you can respond to feedback in one place – see or, which offer an online dashboard.
  • Business reviews can also be left through Google. Take ownership of your Google My Business listings and images, and reply to reviews.


TripAdvisor is the largest travel review site. There are said to be 280 reviews and opinions left on the site every minute. You can find more information on setting up your TripAdvisor listing.

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Responding to online visitor feedback


Posts where your business is tagged or mentioned – this could be a photo of the customer having dinner, staying at your accommodation or visiting your attraction.

  • Respond to the comment and thank the customer using the comment/reply facility.
  • Share the post on your own social media channels as this is social proof which shows potential customers real people enjoying your offering.


  • Acknowledge the review and show commitment to fixing it. You could respond through social media/review website and ask for alternative contact details to follow up.
  • Don’t delete the comment or respond negatively – the customer can just post the comment again if it’s removed, and it doesn’t solve the issue.

How can I manage digital visitor feedback?

  • Gather more or specific feedback – encourage customers to leave a review online through your preferred channels, either on social media or a review website.
  • Set up Google Alerts for email notifications when your business is mentioned online, monitoring certain keywords and phrases.
  • Add Live Chat to your website – this is done by adding web code to your homepage. It means you can chat with customers directly when you’re online.
  • Analyse and track the feedback overall – your review websites and social media will show you all of your feedback as a total number and will give you an indication of how well you’re engaging with customers and how you measure up against competitors.
  • Share feedback with your team to encourage ownership throughout the business.
  • Use feedback on your website as social proof – pull through a feed of live reviews from social media or a review website.

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