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Online Travel Agents: Top Tips for Helping Your Tourism Business


Find all you need to know about Online Travel Agents to help you best utilise them for your business, including information on the benefits and best practice.

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Two men sit and look at a laptop screen at the cafe at the Helix visitor centre.

In the DIY: Online Travel Agents video, we’ve looked at:

  • What is an Online Travel Agent (OTA)?
  • Why should you use OTAs?
  • How to pick an OTA for your business
  • 8 tips for setting yourself up on an OTA website

Online Travel Agents require you to update your rates and availability and will take a commission, and only incur costs when you get a booking. We recently spoke to some Scottish businesses about how they use OTAs:

Recent reports on the State of Online Travel Agencies show OTAs spent anywhere from 170 million Euros to 4 billion dollars on marketing alone in 2018 – a huge spend and reach that dwarves individual businesses.

You can find out more about how working with an Online Travel Agent can fit with your plans by reading more on how to ensure your business is both discoverable and bookable online.

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Did you find this article helpful?

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