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Your quick-start guide to digital marketing: 15 ways to get going


Chances are you’re probably here because you’re looking for an introduction into the many ways that digital marketing can improve your business as well as saving you time and money! The following is a list of resources that offer a terrific grounding in how to start making digital technology work harder for you.

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1. Market research, competitor analysis, and web design

If you’re keen to stay one step ahead of the competition, Business Gateway has a number of resources to help you with sales and marketing. This guide is the perfect starting point:

Business guides: sales and marketing

2. Outsource or DIY?

Everything you need to know about when to outsource and when a job’s best done in-house.

What can you do yourself and what should you outsource?

3. Understand your customers

Wondering what CRM means and why it’s important? Here’s a guide to Customer Relationship Management systems, and when you need them.

CRM systems explained

4. Get a free digital review

Find out more about the people who visit your website, what’s working for them and what’s not. If you’re part of the VisitScotland Quality Assurance scheme, you can get a free digital review!

VisitScotland digital review

5. Make sure your IT is up to scratch

If it’s advice on business IT you need, look no further than Business Gateway.

The Business Gateway IT guide

6. Make digital part of your business plan

Is digital technology part of your company’s vision?

What to include in your business plan

7. Define your sales strategy

Get help with multiple sales channels, and cover the basics of selling with this guide.

Sales and marketing: the basics

8. Make a start with e-commerce

Selling online can be seriously lucrative – this guide from Business Gateway takes you through the basics, and the benefits.

The basics of selling online

9. Start using social media

Everything you need to know about using social media for business.

Guide: using social media

10. Learn the basics of digital marketing

Marketing your business online goes way beyond your website. This PDF guide will take you through the basics of how to get your business’ name out there.

The VisitScotland guide to online marketing

11. Make sure you’re listed

Why not create a business listing on VisitScotland to promote your services? It’s completely free.

Go to VisitScotland

12. Know your market

It’s essential to know who you’re up against. Here’s a guide to analysing your competitors.

Business Gateway: competitor analysis

13. How to do marketing on a budget

From writing a marketing plan to measuring your success – you don’t have to spend a lot to market your business effectively.

Marketing on a budget

14. Watch one of our webinars

Watch highlights from a Digital Tourism Scotland webinar discussing how online access can encourage visitors to your tourism business.

Is your online activity supporting your tourism business?

15. Sharpen your SEO skills

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is all about how your site performs in search engines like Google. This guide from the Business Gateway is a great place to get started.

SEO: the basics

If you’ve managed to tick all of the above off your list and are a bit more comfortable with your newfound digital skills, why not check out our event page to see if there’s any upcoming workshops, lectures or one-to-one surgeries that might bring you on even further?

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